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Topic:  Iraq War   Date:  June-July 2006                                                                                 Change Music:  War



---posted Friday, June 16th 03:19 PM, by BIG BELL


I'm glad to finish the job elsewhere, too.

Facts on the twin towers: After September 11, the federal government set aside $5 billion for victim´s families and agreed to spend over $21 billion to help New York recover. How was it spent? New York politicians allowed up to one-third of the $20 billion in federal aid awarded to the city in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to be squandered right under their noses, an analysis by the New York Daily News found last December.

But that hasn't stopped some of the same politicians from complaining all weekend about a mere $80 million cut in New York City's federal anti-terrorism budget.

Senators Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer and Rep. Peter King say they're outraged over the new cuts, with Clinton and King teaming up to launch a post-card writing campaign against the Department of Homeland Security.

The bipartisan duo sounded a lot less angry six months ago, when the News uncovered evidence that billions in 9/11 cash had been misspent, gone unaccounted for and, in at least one case, was awarded to the Mafia.

C'mon Brother Bell, $320 billion is over ten times more than $30 billion for Twin Towers. And the point---the government budget predictors---got it all wrong is valid. Overspending is unpatriotic and helps Al Quaeda---their strategy is to have the US spend enormous wealth with little to show for it, and have the war be rabidly defended by U.S. hawks who tear down the other part of the US society that opposes them, thus dividing the United States from within. We are both on the same side for this, and those who support those tactics of division might as well buy themselves an Al Quaeda card.

---posted Friday, June 16th 07:15 PM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French

Dr French - There's no Mafia...
lil vic

---posted Saturday, June 17th 10:22 AM, by lil vic


hey coon do me a favor. Next time you see Brother French look and see iffin his eyes are BROWN.

---posted Saturday, June 17th 07:34 PM, by Big Bell

el gato - raise one to the sun and the moon for me.
floyd - raise two to the sun and the moon for me.
big bell and dr french - raise three to the great LIBERTARIAN PARTY. libertarian - one who believes in FREEDOM of action and thought. one who believes in FREE WILL. Hail to the chief, Geronimo. one of our country's first libertarians...

---posted Tuesday, June 20th 08:33 AM, by lil vic


Thanks lil vic, but I've sworn off political parties. A wise man once told me the difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party is like the difference between wet shit and dry shit.

---posted Tuesday, June 20th 09:02 AM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


Sad day again the media needed a story in a hurry even though the military ask the media to hold off on story till families could be notified.
I have my political differnce with others but this be truthful. Kill them first cause they will kill you, your spouse, your kids, and your grandkids if given the chance.
It is also sad that the guard is being ca;lled out to Nollins. Damn why can't some people see what they have done with there laws ( Jesse, Teddy, and da boys) and stop distroying moral values, and the family.

---posted Tuesday, June 20th 09:21 AM, by Gary Bell


Sad because Fox News is too fast or the military is too slow?

---posted Tuesday, June 20th 09:25 AM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


Sorry Charlie

---posted Tuesday, June 20th 09:26 AM, by Gary Bell



---posted Tuesday, June 20th 09:27 AM, by Gary Bell


CNN and NBC know more in Iraq than our military? Who is whining about the military not being up-to-speed on the biggest news vigil since 5 year-old Jessica fell in the well---A media competitor or the military itself?

---posted Tuesday, June 20th 09:37 AM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


Never mind, I researched the story and found it originated from the Iraqi military's Information service. I'm no military genius but I guess the US forces in Iraq oughta do some talking with the Iraqi army they are training and get on the same page. Who are we supposed to trust for accurate information if they cannot be accurate with their news releases?

---posted Tuesday, June 20th 09:47 AM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


Had something to say but better not. Just hope someone with some guts will start kicking some leftys ass. If you disagree keep it to yourself cause what happened to our young men in Iraq is now the way our young people were treated in Viet Nam and by the same left wing MF's sorry guys but I just had to get this outta my system. I wrote the dnc an e-mail that might get me in jail but they can kiss my vwer,very large ass

---posted Wednesday, June 21st 12:34 PM, by Big Bell


OK, now which lefty has your panties in a twist? Is it Sandy Koufax? He was the greatest lefty in my opinion. Let's just agree that loudmouths on the fringe of any movement cause the most trouble for the least return..they get in the way of people who actually do the work to get something done, and not just make a living off publicity stunts that perpetuate the disagreement. (like Jesse J.) Share with us your DNC email, Bro Bell, we'd be eager and honored to hear your verbal ass-whipping. and maybe it'll get some more off of your chest to know your brothers support you.

---posted Wednesday, June 21st 04:18 PM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


Confucious says: War do not determine who right, war determine who left.

---posted Wednesday, June 21st 06:14 PM, by agb/btdd


When people speak to you about a preventive war, you tell them to go and fight it. After my experience, I have come to hate war.

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 07:53 AM, by Dwight David Eisenhower


I think all the Viet Nam era war vets from PLE should weigh in on this issues of war and comparing the modern-day Iraq soldier with the Viet Nam soldier. They can speak with authority and give us some guidance. As a starter, let me quote what Jimmy Arceneaux said to me when he came back from 'Nam. "I liked it, but that was because I really liked killing." Any more Veterans? If it brings us together to express our views then let's do it and then move on.

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 08:41 AM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


The problem as I see it with Viet Nam and Iraq is this, We should have never sent our troops to these countries in the first place. We could have fought this war without getting bogged down and puting our boys at such great risk. Hit and run from Afghanistan was the smart play yet once again idiots are in charge.

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 11:00 AM, by ---Roy---


dr french - under your suggestion
why is there and what is war?
Way too complicated for an old country boy like myself to give any insight.
However, I appreciate your, big bell's and all other brothers' views on Iraq, Viet Nam, etc.
Please continue the discussions. as brother pee wee once said, "Any post is a good post."
Let us continue to pray for guidance and I am confident our hearts will find peace.
O Lord, guide me to become beautiful from within.

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 02:38 PM, by lil vic


There was a question about war. How to stop wars? "Wars cannot be stopped. War is the result of the slavery in which men live. Strictly speaking men are not to blame for war. War is due to cosmic forces, to planetary influences, but in men there is no resistance whatever against these influences, and there cannot be any, because men are slaves. If they were MEN and were capable of 'DOING,' they would be able to resist these influences and refrain from killing one another."
"But surely those who realize this can do something?" said the man who had asked the question about war. "If a sufficient number of men came to a definite conclusion that there should be no war, could they not influence others?"
"Those who dislike war have been trying to do so almost since the creation of the world. And yet there has never been such a war as the present(WW1). Wars are not decreasing, they are increasing and war cannot be stopped by ordinary means. All these theories about universal peace, about peace conferences, and so on, are again simply laziness and hypocrisy. Men do not want to think about themselves, do not want to work on themselves, but think of how to make other people do what they want. If a sufficient number of people who wanted to stop war really did gather together they would first of all begin by making war upon those who disagreed with them. And it is still more certain that they would make war on people who also want to stop wars but in another way. And so they would fight. Men are what they are and they cannot be different. War has many causes that are unknown to us. Some causes are in men themselves, others are outside them. One must begin with the causes that are in man himself. How can he be independent of the external influences of great cosmic forces when he is the slave of everything that surrounds him? He is controlled by everything around him. If he becomes free from things, he may then become free from planetary influences."

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 09:01 PM, by agb/btdd


My opinion on war is there is no winners just dead people and grief. Brothers- I would just like to inform you that my wife Christy "Boobs" Whittaker is two months pregnant and I will be expecting my second child hopefuly a healthy child. If its a girl thats alright and if its a boy another PLE Brother and by the way don't ever think you're too old to have some fun with your wife during a disaster. big grinbig grinwink

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 09:06 PM, by dana whittaker


BELL..we lost most of those during tet of 67'-68'!! we (U.S.) had NO DAM-BUSINESS their,that war was between the north and south,to decide whether vietnam would be unified in accordance with an agreement reached at geneva in 54'. the war started in 57' and ended in 75'. the U.S. was there from 64'- 73'. I WAS THERE 70'-71...

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 09:08 PM, by MS MAN


I feel like John McLaughlin and we are "the McLaughlin Group." And as he would say, "Wrong! the answer is: war sometimes has to be fought. But where it becomes EVIL is where men make a cash cow out of it because of government connections, and that ambition for self profit overshadows the original noble goals of the collective citizenry. The result is, the heavy expense of security bloated with profit for profiteers sinks the country before the enemy by bankrupting it. And THAT is unpatriotic."

PS Thanks to Brother MS MAN for his sacrifice and insight from someone who was there.

PPS Wiz, how did your pitching arm wear out so much earlier than your middle leg?

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 10:09 PM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


WOW!!!! I am truly speechless at this point.

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 10:11 PM, by c00n


History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.   

How far can you go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without?

---posted Thursday, June 22nd 10:23 PM, by Dwight David Eisenhower


Confucious say: Never give a sword to a man who can't dance.

---posted Friday, June 23rd 07:19 AM, by a


Confucious say: Man who shoot off mouth bound to lose face.

---posted Friday, June 23rd 08:27 AM, by agb/btdd


I am not for war but if you start a fight right or wrong you better win it, Kennedy -Johnson starteds one then the left took over and we lost war and face. ElQuada handbook says America will cut and run the left wins we lose.
I will never lose face and I can use a sword and dance at the same time.I am a PLE will never run

---posted Friday, June 23rd 10:01 AM, by Big Bell

Brother French ask me whgat got in my shorts two of our bravest were captured had ther dicks cut off and pokedmin the oterhs mouth, eyes poked out, ever boner in the body was broken and twisted, and in the end the Bad guys cut out the service mens hearts and as a last act the young mens bodys were boobie traped to exploded and kill more. Never say a thing on any channel but FOX uyntil two days later ACLU said nothing Human Rights said nothing DNC a dday later had a shrt story on it most newspapers didn't report. Thats why I am pissed

---posted Friday, June 23rd 10:07 AM, by Big Bell

Congratulations to the Wiz's.
If it's a girl do not name her Katrina.
WAR = We Are Right

---posted Friday, June 23rd 10:27 AM, by ---Roy---


I am outraged at the behavior of the enemy. But what they want is to generate outrage in America that will consume it from within. They will not win that battle for my mind, I will never blame a fellow American--Democrat nor Republican---for those barbaric acts. If I take out my anger on fellow Americans, then the propaganda works. Propaganda will not work in a free society if we are not manipulated by those who hog the media spotlight. This is a time for uniting as Americans, not being split. An eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth leaves us both blind and toothless.

---posted Friday, June 23rd 10:44 AM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


why can't we all just get along? Where's my car keys? rodney king

---posted Friday, June 23rd 11:12 PM, by rodney


i thought we settled all of this war stuff in the 60's when we hippies came up with the slogan Maake love not war. Guess it didnt last for ever. Be careful wiz .. you gonna screw yourself out of place at the table... Just want to let you guys know that the worry is for naught. I am heading over seas in 8 days and i will handle all of the crap. I can revive at the minds of those over there with make love not war. And when i get back i might start on the war going on right here in good ole new orleans. We'll have as many troops here by the time i get back . I am with you vic i will raise one tonight and many other nights to all of the causes. Rooster over and out. KEA love ya guys.

---posted Sunday, June 25th 01:58 PM, by rooster

Since everyone seems to have a Confucius saying, I will put in my "twoconfucents".
"The way of a superior man is threefold;
virtuous, he is free from anxieties;
wise, he is free for preplexities;
bold, he is free from fear."

Confucius, was a Chinese philospher (551-479 B.C.)


---posted Sunday, June 25th 03:48 PM, by ---Roy---


So some may ask, "Hey Dr. French, what's your beef with loudmouth war hawks?" I'll answer: Loudmouths like Rush Limbaugh talk the talk but don't walk the walk. They are all for escalating and rubber-stamping any policy that includes more military action, yet hid from military action when they were asked by their country. Rush applied for a Vietnam draft deferrment with a note from his private doctor excusing him because he had a "pilonidal cyst"---that's a boil on your ass to you and me. Yet I was assigned 1-A ready for combat despite the existence of now-crippling muscular dystrophy disease. Sure I felt a little weak, but I thought if called, (wasn't), that basic training would get me "back in shape." Boy was I wrong on that one...So, I was willing to be drafted and go to Vietnam with a crippling and often fatal disease, yet pansies like Rush who expouse military solutions, paid a private doctor to get them out of serving. And what to speak of heroes like MS Man and others who served, or Ricky O'Brien who earned a Purple Heart in combat? It besmirches their name to have chickenhawks use them as a prop to increase media ratings.

---posted Monday, June 26th 08:08 AM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


Couldn't agree more Dr French!!! However, I want to clarify that: MS MAN didn't receive a PH while in the service.....he should have received one for duty above and beyond the call as an ATHELETIC TRAINER ASST. at KENNER JR HIGH!.

---posted Monday, June 26th 08:55 AM, by c00n


Brother's in the Bonds, I will step aside for the time being cause thi9a is my cause, I flunked two medicals for Nam once due to torn up knee and surgury a few days prior to physical and once due two a second surgury on my back.I should have gone.
My love of country goes back to days even before Nam my fgamily always served. My dad had a complete disability from WW II of course it never stopped him from working hard and being a great and successful salesman But I didn't go.I will stand and fight for what I truly beleave and those that served I thank you. Nam was a bad war friend died and I said other friend never came back and killed themselves.But the same people that built us to a 500,000 person Army in Nam when thing got tough dropped the support for our people. I will not speak furture on this matter.
Yours in the Bonds,
Gary L Bell

---posted Monday, June 26th 11:40 AM, by BIG (WAR HAWK AND LOUDMOUTH) BELL


I agree, this topic has been covered. And the PLE Message Book reflects the honest differences of opinions among honorable PLE Americans. And when those discussions are over, we all get busy with the work of making sure we don't make the same mistake of abandonment of mission like Vietnam. For sure, there is no disagreement that Vietnam was a war policy that should never be duplicated.

---posted Monday, June 26th 02:13 PM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


So there is no misunderstanding of the use of my term "loudmouth"---Rush Limbaugh is a "Loudmouth" Brother Bell is NOT a loudmouth chickenthawk. The difference is, a chickenhawk actively avoided service and now attempts to re-write history for those too young to be there by making themselves out to be great military supporters. It sounds like Brother Bell was true to his word then and he's true to his word now. He has earned the right to use his words any way he wants.

---posted Monday, June 26th 02:22 PM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


I haven't been able to connect to the Rant du Jour cause I wanted to get off a blast towards Limbaugh.
This man knows as much about the inter-workings of our gov., as well as it's laws and bi-laws, as anyone does yet he uses his energy and influence to further his and his parties views, right or wrong. This an abuse of power and a creation of a "BLOW-HARD". He has been down graded to a political Shock-jock/ spin doctor, feathering his own nest.
Oh well, I'm sure he has made a lot of money for himself. Not bad for the present day Gollum but what a waste.

---posted Monday, June 26th 07:09 PM, by ---Roy---


George Bush, dick Cheney, and Bill Clinton are traveling in a car together in the midwest. A tornado comes along and whirls them up into the air and tosses them thousands of yards away. When they come to and extract themselves from the vehicle, they realize they're in the Land of Oz. They decide to go see the Wizard of Oz. bush says, "I'm going to ask the Wizard for a brain!" Cheney says, "I'm going to ask the Wizard for a heart!" Clinton says, "Where's Dorothy?"

---posted Monday, June 26th 10:33 PM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


you left wing libs just can't stand it went you're been exposed. i have in my formerly nicotine stain hands the goods on the whole pinko bunch. i have dossiers on french aka "dr. french", roy aka "el gato", "lil vic","fast eddie", the infamous "btdd", "rooster" and "pee wee". we are watching & listening so lay off you "cut and run" lefties. regards rush

---posted Monday, June 26th 10:41 PM, by rush


Makes sense. I hear you get one free dossier with every 1,000 doses of oxycontin purchased . . .

---posted Monday, June 26th 10:52 PM, by Charlie Man aka Dr. French


Put your name on what you own Rush, no matter what color the pill and if you call me a left wing lib again I'll stuff your fat ass in your mouth.

---posted Tuesday, June 27th 09:48 AM, by ---Roy---


Rush behave cause even though I like ya can't let ya miss speak to a Brother. As a Brother I can try and straighten others out but you can't.

---posted Tuesday, June 27th 11:59 AM, by BIG BELL

Put your name on what you own Rush, no matter

brother palmer - i'm laying 3 to 1 that el guto can't fit rush's big ass in his mouth. can you cover me on that.

---posted Tuesday, June 27th 12:59 PM, by lil vic




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